TS Logo Embroidery Flat Visor Cap - Beige


TANUKI STUDIO SPORTS CLUBの頭文字を取ったTSロゴをフロントパネルに高密度で刺繍を入れたフラットバイザーキャップ。

後ろパネルに縫い付けたSPORTS CLUBピスネームのタヌキの頭には葉っぱが乗っています。




サイズ : Free
取り扱い店舗 : SPORTS CLUB (百草園店)

Flat visor cap with the TS logo with the initials TANUKI STUDIO SPORTS CLUB embroidered in high density on the front panel.

The SPORTS CLUB pith name sewn on the back panel has a leaf on the head of a raccoon dog.

Composed of six parts, the visor part is a flat type (straight) basic cap that can be easily matched to a variety of styles.
The visor part can be bent to your liking.

The cap is made of soft-touch cotton twill material that is easy to wear in all seasons, and the cap has a normal depth and is easy to wear for both men and women.

The size can be adjusted with the adjuster at the back for a free size.

Size : Free
Stores available : SPORTS CLUB (Mogusaen store)

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Style : M-AC-0012