Heavy Weight Canvas Tote - Medium Size - Off White


TANUKI STUDIOのオリジナルワッペンとオリジナルロゴ織ネームを付けたミディアムサイズのトートになります。



表面にはタヌキのワッペンが付き、裏面にはTANUKI STUDIOの織りネームを縫い付けています。


- Large Size -


This tote bag comes with TANUKI STUDIO's original badge and original logo woven label.

This tote bag is made of thick canvas fabric called No. 2 canvas (about 27 oz.),
The bag has a firm texture and can stand on its own even if it is not filled with contents, making it easy to use.

It has a raccoon dog patch on the front and the TANUKI STUDIO woven name is sewn on the back.

We recommend the Medium size for those who use it mostly for everyday use.

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- 2号帆布
- Cotton 100%


W 39cm x H 25cm x D 14cm

Style : M-AC-0050